➤ Integrative Multi-Omics Analysis
           Dr. Mehdi Pirooznia

➤ Cloud and On-Premise Automation
          Dr. Ilker Tunc

➤ Satistical Learning Section
          Dr. Yun-Ching Chen

Data Analysis Applications Databases Training and Consultation

The Bioinformatics core utilizes a vast array of techniques and technologies from bioinformatics to statistics, as well as machine learning, to analyze and assimilate such data and glean information pertinent to the underlying biology. We work to elucidate the links between mutational processes, genetic function, transcriptomics effect, epigenetics influence and phenotype by developing innovative analysis workflows and implementing relevant statistical analyses. In particular, we use cutting-edge computational techniques and methodologies for exploring and integrating massive Omics datasets from genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, and metabolomics experiments, employ data science tools and skills, and develop Biological Knowledgebases to provide evidence-based information to clinicians, researchers, and ultimately patients.

The driving goal of the group is to cultivate a bridge between precision medicine and emerging clinical and biological datasets, by developing biological knowledgebases and scalable interpretative tools that address the growing complexity of such data. Major objectives of the group are the following: Integrative Omics Data Analysis, Biomedical Data Science, Developing Applications and Biological databases and Training